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$50 Colonic Special
STEP OUT LA American Diabetes Association 5k Walk - Nov 2 Griffith Park!
Living Beyond Organic - Regain and Maintain Optimum Health!
Acid Busters Cook Book - One of our favorite tools!


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My Blog Get Your Greens on the Go!

Our sister company offers the finest Aerophonic wheatgrass products available! If you enjoyed our complimentary honey wheatgrass, soy wheatgrass or coffee wheatgrass after your services you can find them all online at, shipped directly to your door! A great way to get your greens on the go, conveniently packages in individual sachets... Just shake in a bottle of water as a meal supplement or anytime pick me up! Kids love it too! 

$50 Colonic Special

$50 Introductory Colonic Special -  Help us welcome our new colon hydro therapist Kim to the team! For a limited time we will be offering $50 colonics to new and returning clients! Don't miss out on this special offer... We look forward to seeing you soon at The Green Leaf Spa. Look for upcoming workshops on creating an Alkaline Lifestyle, The Green Leaf Systems and other healthful topics... coming soon!

STEP OUT LA American Diabetes Association 5k Walk - Nov 2 Griffith Park!

Join The Green Leaf Spa and American Diabetes Association for Step Out LA 5k Walk! We will be providing wellness education and a team of wellness practitioners for this amazing event!
Where? Griffith Park
When? 11/2/2013
Need more info? 
Contact: Beth Cole at 
(323) 966-2890 ext. 7540
Please mail donations to the local office:
American Diabetes Association 
ATTN: Step Out - Los Angeles
611 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 900
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Living Beyond Organic - Regain and Maintain Optimum Health!

At The Green Leaf Spa we are committed to sharing the best that we know with you! Part lifestyle, part cook book, Living Beyond Organic teaches the reader what to eat, how to prepare it and why! Based on the ancient healing art of Raphaology Medicine (plant medicine), Living Beyond Organic provides true nutritional understanding and knowledge of how to eat to regain and maintain optimum health! Available at

Acid Busters Cook Book - One of our favorite tools!

Great alkaline dishes made to reduce acid in the body for better health and wellbeing! One of our favorites! Available at!

Acid Busting 7.2 Vegan Protein Shake!!!!

Great tasting Vegan protein shake that is the foundation of your alkaline lifestyle! 7.2 shakes proprietary formula is an excellent high quality, low carb, protein source! Easily digestible, high in fiber, it provides and extensive array of naturally occurring amino acids. This low glycemic, high performance, super food also assists you in fat burning and becoming alkaline! 

Natural 3 Day Cleansing System - Take the Trash Out!

Available online through our sister company or at The Green Leaf Spa, this wheatgrass based high fiber 3 day cleanse nutritional system rids the body of secondary waste in the gastrointestinal system. 3 day cleanse helps restore the normal mileu of the digestive tract and promotes overall wellness while safely cleansing the system!

Wheatgrass - Foundations of The Green Leaf System

Our Aeophonic (yes grown in the air!) Wheatgrass Powdered Tea is the only wheatgrass that includes the roots for added nutritional benefits! Mix with 6-8 oz of cold water for a refreshing healthy beverage anytime. Conveniently packaged in individual sachets for your active lifestyle!

The honey wheatgrass has the added nutritional benefits of organic honey and a touch of sweetness, with only 78 calories per sachet for a tasty green beverage that even kids love!

Wheatgrass with Honey - Great tasting Greens on the Go!

Our sister company features many of the staples of The Green Leaf System. Please visit the website to purchase these amazing products directly from the internet or ask us about them on your next visit To The Green Leaf Spa! 

The Wheatgrass with Honey is my  personal favorite. In easy to transport individual sachets you can throw them in your purse or gym bag, shake in a bottle of water and have a healthy low calorie green drink anytime! Much easier than juicing for those of you who are as busy as we are! Try a free sample on your next visit to The Green Leaf Spa!

Macy Gray visits The Green Leaf Spa booth at Peace Through Music Gala

Songstress Macy Gray performed at the Adopt the Arts Peace Through Music Gala on Sept 15th. Here she is seen visiting our booth, joined by our fearless leader Brenda Underwood. Brenda shares our Honey Wheatgrass drink with her and educates on the benefits of hydro colon therapy! Being healthy can be delicious!
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