About Us
At The Green Leaf Spa we believe in education... We have seen remarkable results in our clients over the past decade by providing simple solutions to developing a healthy lifestyle. When you come to The Green Leaf Spa your comfort is of the utmost importance, we realize hydro colon therapy (colonics) can be a new experience and it is our desire to make that experience pleasant and productive.
Brenda Underwood, our founder has a divine love for the human body, holistic health and developing healthy lifestyle and food systems. Clients love her gentle bedside manner, bad jokes and ever present smile. Brenda takes the time to educate each and every client and makes her self available 7 days a week for your convenience!
Brenda has a special love for essential oils and their myriad of uses! There is always a lovely oil diffusing during your hydro colon therapy session to help you relax!
special interest in hydro colon therapy stems colon cancer discovery of systemic candida, which has been helped through colonics, alkaline water and healthy food system Brenda's passion for helping others and her community!
What to Expect During A Colonic
The Green Leaf Spa uses state of the art Hydro Sans Plus hydro colon therapy equipment. The system is closed, meaning no waste material is exposed to the air. The system allows for a gentle, safe release and hydrates the body slowly with temperature controlled water, using a state of the art filtration system. All speculums and hoses are disposable and opened in front of the client for maximum safety.
Once the disposable speculum is inserted, warm water slowly fills the colon. A feeling of pressure develops and the water is gently released along with waste material and toxins. The process is repeated several times. 
Colonics benefit a myriad of conditions in addition to cleansing the body. They aid with weight loss, skin conditions, the removal of candida, parasites, assist with body odor, lessen anxiety and depression, help combat fatigue, flatulence, irritability bad breath, brittle hair and nails, ease lower back pain, swelling in legs, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, abdominal discomfort, blemishes and acne, cold hands and feet, menstrual problems, neuralgia, neuritis, lack of concentration, lack of sexual response, lack of interest in work and play... the list of benefits is truly amazing! 
While professionally administered hydro colon therapy is not a cure all, it certainly ranks among the top of beneficial therapies as reported by physicians, colon therapists and recipients of therapy from around the world.
The Green
After you have cleansed the colon, other organs begin a detoxification process as well. It is very important to return to any follow up appointments to make sure the toxins emitted during this process are removed from the body. At The Green Leaf Spa we also offer alkaline water and green food systems to aid in the detoxification and restoration process. Developing a healthy lifestyle and maintenance program are the key to continued health and restoration. We offer simple customized programs to each client and believe that getting and staying healthy should not be complicated. Our products are an easy way to get your greens on the go and 3 day cleanse is an excellent starting point for those wanting to jumpstart their new lifestyle!
Please contact us to book your appointment at 626-602-4127! 
What do we all have in common? We all want to live better, healthier lives! At The Green Leaf Spa our goal is to help you do just that, in a simple, natural, safe way!
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