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       Body scans / $800.00
              Botox party days
  (minimum4appointments per day)
Organic spray tanning coming soon
For over a decade Brenda Underwood, holistic health practitioner and founder of The Green Leaf Spa, has helped Southern Californians realize better health naturally through her Green Leaf Systems! With the core of her practice being hydro colon therapy ( Colonics ), alkaline water, and green food systems, Brenda educates her clients on the importance of detoxing the body naturally and developing a well balanced food system and lifestyle. Her goal is to help others discover how truly rewarding and simple achieving optimum health and living a healthy lifestyle can be!

Conveniently located in the EAGLE ROCK area of Los Angeles, & CLAREMONT CA.the Green Leaf Spa is open 7 days a week for all your detox needs! Offering a full spectrum of servicesEXTREME INFARED DETOX BODY WRAP to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, educational consultations to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and additional spa services to relieve stress, restore and renew, The Green Leaf Spa is your oasis in the city when it's time to take care of yourself!
Services We Offer:
Closed System Hydro Colon Therapy
Coffee, Colloidal Silver, Wheat Grass, Essential Oils, etc.
Detoxifying EXTREME infrared  Body Wraps and Scrubs
Wellness Coaching and Education
Customized Alkaline and Green Food Systems
Aerophonic Wheatgrass
Alkaline Water
Alkaline and Enzyme Chefs
and more!!!
At The Green Leaf Spa we customize programs for each client to achieve maximum results. Some popular packages include:
Ultimate Relaxation/Colonic Cleanse
90 Minutes of pampering and detoxification begins with your colonic cleanse,  followed by a infrared bodywrap / add on/ lemon grass or lavender hand and foot scrub, peppermint hair tonic
$200.00 or   series of 6 /99.00 each
Fresh Start Consultation/Colonic Cleanse
mostly for full consult 
Whole Body Wellness Consultation and 1 hr hydro colon therapy (colonic) session, includes a customized green food systems nutrition program, gift bag and Aerophonic Wheatgrass products. 
Colonic Sessions (Our Specialty!)
Colonic Sessions begin at (cash)$68 or $ 75.00 cc)  per session. Discount are given for pre-purchased packages of 10 or more sessions. Please contact The Green Leaf spa for details. Colonic in fusion begin at $20.
Alkaline Water, Food Systems and Cooking Classes
At The Green Leaf Spa we believe in the healing power of an Alkaline body! Alkaline water systems, food systems and educational cooking classes are available to show you the way to better health!


Green Food Systems
Our Green Food Systems and Aerophonic Wheatgrass products are a huge part of the success of The Green Leaf Spas clients! Check them out at!
The Green Leaf Spa believes in our community! We strongly support Adopt the Arts, Save Our Music Education 4 Kids, The American Diabetes Association and many other area nonprofit organizations. 
Please join us at our next non profit event:
music gifting lounge
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